6 Reasons Newspapers are the Elected Media Platform for Loyal Voters

For certain local news and information, there is just no comparison to the value of the local newspaper. As the political campaign season heats up, members of the community turn to newspapers to provide the latest balanced, credible reporting on the local candidates and the key information they need to know before casting their vote. Often, this comes in the form of advertising from the local political candidates themselves.

Political Trifold Cover

“6 Reasons Newspapers are the Elected Media Platform for Loyal Voters” describes the critical role newspapers play in informing voters and helping political candidates reach and relate to contributors. Under the 6 Reasons are new supporting data points from Nielsen Scarborough on how loyal voters continue to rely on and trust their local newspaper for news and information during election season and beyond.

Download the 6 Reasons brochure
Use this brochure at meetings with political candidates, share the facts on social media and use them for general reference.


1. Nielsen Scarborough, 2015.


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