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The news media business is committed to working with the advertising industry through collaboration, advocacy and research. The Advertisers Advisory Board, mediaXchange conference and other events bring together leading advertisers, agencies and news executives to foster the development of strategic new solutions. Through our advocacy efforts inside and outside of Washington, the News Media Alliance helps the advertising business by ensuring commercial free speech, combating ad blocking and opposing unconstitutional restrictions on the news media industry.


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Facebook Journalism Project: The first step of a long journey

Last week social media giant Facebook announced The Facebook Journalism Project. It exciting to have Facebook recognize its role in the media and share a desire to move forward in tandem with publishers. Facebook’s annou
  • Michael MaLoon
  • 01.24.2017
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Statement: Expected Appointment of Ajit Pai as Next FCC Chairman

News Media Alliance Applauds Expected Appointment of Ajit Pai as Next FCC Chairman Statement by David Chavern, News Media Alliance President & CEO On behalf of the News Media Alliance, I applaud the expected appointment of Ajit Pai as the nex
  • David Chavern
  • 01.23.2017
Outdoor portrait of modern young man with mobile phone in the street.

The spectrum of SMS: From serious reports to friendly updates

By Katie Jansen, Special to the News Media Alliance It’s no secret that we use our phones for everything — from communication to catching up on news. But how often do we have to close out of the article we’re reading to respond to a text from a colleague wanting to grab lunch? Many
  • Staff
  • 01.23.2017
Picture was taken on 03/27/2012.  Canon 50D, Canon 24-105 4L.The South Portico of the White House. Washington DC. The White House is the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States.

An Inauguration “Thank You”

This week, we inaugurate the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. You’d be hard pressed at this stage to find someone who doesn’t have strong feelings about it one way or another. It was arguably one of the craziest election cycles in history—full of vitriol, scandal and lies.
  • David Chavern
  • 01.17.2017