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Mysterious detective game concept. Closed notebook in leather cover, sheet of white paper, felt brown hat, portable mirrorless microthird digital photo camera and big vintage magnifier isolated on black aged wood table

The Three S’s of Fake News

Do you know a chronic fake news perpetuator? Mine is my cousin on Facebook. He spreads fake news like it’s his job. He reacts to each sensational headline with the correct amount of outrage. I don’t think it’s intentional. I think he sees someone else sharing these, he believes them to be true
  • Kirsten Ballard
  • 03.23.2017
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Coalition for Better Ads Releases Initial Better Ads Standards

Coalition for Better Ads Releases Initial Better Ads Standards for Desktop and Mobile Web in North America and Europe Extensive Consumer Research Defines First Set of the Most Objectionable Ad Experiences
  • Staff
  • 03.22.2017
top view of  business documents on office table with digital tablet and man working with smart laptop computer

Wallit makes paywalls easy

Part of a Series Featuring the 2017 Accelerator Pitch Program Winners The switch to digital has been a challenge for most publishers. Advertising and subscription models have struggled to find a balance. Ad blockers are on the rise and the digital ad market does not sup
  • Kirsten Ballard
  • 03.20.2017
Arrested man in handcuffs with hands behind back

Arresting Journalism

Chances are, if you asked 100 journalists about the occupational hazards of their field, 99 of them wouldn’t mention prison time. Crappy hours? Sure. Even crappier diet? Probably. But you’d be hard-pressed to find a journalist who has legal counsel as one of their complaints. Maybe that should c
  • Staff
  • 03.9.2017