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The news media business is committed to working with the advertising industry through collaboration, advocacy and research. The Advertisers Advisory Board, adXchange conference and other events bring together leading advertisers, agencies and news executives to foster the development of strategic new solutions. Through our advocacy efforts inside and outside of Washington, the News Media Alliance helps the advertising business by ensuring commercial free speech, combating ad blocking and opposing unconstitutional restrictions on the news media industry.


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Leaders from top brands and media agencies are joining forces to develop specialty new products, address business challenges and identify opportunities for continued growth.

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Find Out What’s Happening in Your State with LawView

You might not have noticed, but the News Media Alliance’s website has a cool little tool called LawView.  It provides an excellent resource for the general public – and more personalized and detailed rep
  • Johannes Munter
  • 05.24.2018

How to Talk to Your Representatives About the PRINT Act

The U.S. government recently imposed crippling new taxes on uncoated groundwood paper, the source of newsprint fo
  • Paul Boyle
  • 05.23.2018

New(s) Ideas: AdCellerant Streamlines Sales Process with UI.Marketing

  April 2018 New(s) Ideas Winner 
  • Lindsey Loving
  • 05.22.2018

NC Insider Turns 25!

This year, the NC Insider newsletter celebrates 25 years of publication. We caught up with editor (and 2017 Rising Star winner) Colin Campbell to learn the secrets behind the publication’s longevity. 
  • Kirsten Ballard
  • 05.21.2018