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Your Community Could Lose Local News.

Google and Facebook take 90 percent of all digital advertising revenue growth – revenue that news publishers need to invest in continuing to deliver the news.

Tell your member of Congress to support the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act, aka Safe Harbor Bill, now.



Tell your readers to contact their member of Congress and tell them to support the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act now.

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We have provided PDF and EPS files of the full-color print ad (full- and quarter-page) and the JPEGs for the digital cube and banner ads.

The print ad can be customized to include your local Congress member’s contact information.

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Overview of the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act, aka Safe Harbor Bill

The free and diverse press—particularly local press—is the backbone of a healthy and vibrant democracy. But the control of access to trustworthy news online has become centralized by just two platforms. The Pew Research Center reported in 2017 that the majority of Americans access news through only two platforms—Facebook and Google—noting that “Facebook outstrips all other social media sites as a source of news.” Recent market reports also indicate that these same companies control the vast majority of online referrals for news and the bulk of digital advertising revenue, while revenue for news publishers has plummeted by $31 billion since 2006.

The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act – also known as the Safe Harbor bill – creates a temporary safe harbor for news publishers to band together to negotiate with online platforms to improve and protect Americans’ access to quality, trustworthy sources of news online.

Learn more about the Safe Harbor bill

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