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A series from the News/Media Alliance

Watch the fourth episode of Season 2, out now!

News Take is a podcast series of interviews with news professionals, for news professionals. Established leaders in the news media industry join News/Media Alliance VP, Research & Insights Rebecca Frank to offer their perspectives and insights on how news organizations are applying the latest industry trends.” Guests will share their “hot take,” exclusively for Alliance members!

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Now available: Season 2:

Episode 201: News Nutrition Labels: How NewsGuard is Helping Fight Misinformation Online (Guest: Gordon Crovitz, NewsGuard)

Episode 202: How the American Press Institute is Inspiring Cultural Transformation in News Media (Guests: Samantha Ragland and Elite Truong, American Press Institute)

Episode 203: Pioneering Innovation at Legacy Magazine and News Media Brands (Guest: Lisa Hughes, The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Episode 204: Navigating the Digital Media Transition: Lessons from the Music Industry (Guest: Cherie Hu, Water & Music)

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Stream all 12 episodes of Season 1:

Episode 101: Local News: Understanding What Readers Want and How to Deliver it to Them (Guests: Jim Bernard, Star Tribune and Mike Orren, The Dallas Morning News)

Episode 102: Tech Trends: What Publishers Need to Know (Guest: Aram Zucker-Scharff, The Washington Post)

Episode 103: Leveraging Products to Connect with Your Audience (Guest: Kim Bui, Arizona Republic)

Episode 104: Encouraging and Sustaining Diversity in News Media (Guest: Mitra Kalita, URL Media)

Episode 105: Protecting Journalists Reporting on Russia’s War in Ukraine (Guest: Carlos Martinez de la Serna, Committee to Protect Journalists)

Episode 106: Tapping Into the Potential of Blockchain for News Publishers (Guest: Julien Genestoux, founder and CEO of Unlock)

Episode 107: Committing to Product Thinking in the News Industry: Putting Readers First (Guest: Feli Carrique, Executive Director, News Product Alliance)

Episode 108: Print, Logistics and Delivery in a Transitional Age (Guests: Gregg Fernandes, The Washington Post and Dan Schaub, McClatchy)

Episode 109: The State of Advertising and Local News (Guest: Gordon Borrell, Borrell Associates)

Episode 110: Update on News Deserts and Local News Trends (Guests: Penny Muse Abernathy and Tim Franklin, Medill Journalism School Local News Initiative at Northwestern University)

Episode 111: Outsmarting Google and Facebook: Helping Publishers Grow Their Audience Outside the Dominant Platforms (Guest: Rand Fishkin, SparkToro)

Episode 112: Lessons in Practicality from The Daily Memphian: “A Lot of People Don’t Know We’re a Nonprofit” (Guest: Eric Barnes, The Daily Memphian)

News Take Production Team:

Host and Executive Producer: Rebecca Frank, VP, Research & Insights, News/Media Alliance

Production Support, Editing & Distribution:

Georgi-Ann Clarke, Social Media & Content Manager, News/Media Alliance
Rachel Fox, Manager, Membership & Events, News/Media Alliance
Lindsey Loving, Director, Communications, News/Media Alliance

Audio & Video Engineer: Current Media Group

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