News Media Membership

News Media Membership

News/Media Alliance members represent news media organizations in the U.S. and around the world – dailies and weeklies, community-based and nationally focused, in large cities or small towns – that share a quality and continuity in their product. Eligibility standards are established by the News/Media Alliance Board of Directors.

News/Media Alliance fosters strength and unity in the industry through the “Group Membership” provision, also set forth by the News/Media Alliance Board of Directors.


Any print and/or digital news organization with a dedicated professional editorial staff that creates and distributes original news and related content concerning local, national, or international matters of public interest on at least a weekly basis, and that is commercially marketed through subscriptions, advertising, and/or sponsorship, shall be eligible to be a Voting Member; provided that if such content is distributed without any form of paid subscription then at least a minimum of 25% of the editorial content must consist of current news and related content. Any newspaper or digital-only news organization satisfying the requirements above that is commonly owned by a Voting Member must also be a Voting Member of the Association.

For general membership questions or for more information about becoming a News Media member of the News/Media Alliance, email


The News/Media Alliance protects your business interests. The organization serves as a powerful, collective voice on the industry’s behalf in Washington, fighting for – or against – legislation and regulations that have an impact on your bottom line. We provide governmental agencies and Congress with a sophisticated, contemporary view of the media landscape that helps inform debate and decisions on a wide range of issues, including artificial intelligence (AI), postal rates and rules reform, advertising matters, copyright protection, privacy, and much more.

The News/Media Alliance helps grow your business. Our organization maintains a dialogue with the industry’s key audiences. We regularly communicate the news media value story to advertisers, the business and trade media, Wall Street and consumers. We coordinate executive-level meetings with thought leaders inside and outside the industry on critical issues such as artificial intelligence (AI), paid content, intellectual property, classified advertising and new business models.

The News/Media Alliance is a critical resource. The organization serves as an ongoing resource for the robust exchange of information and ideas through the following resources: Our website is a comprehensive repository of industry trends, data, and research that highlight news media brands’ unique strengths and positioning. The members-only area provides advertising support materials and case studies on innovative strategies and success stories.

Events: The Alliance hosts numerous meetings and events throughout the year, including our Support Journalism Fly-in, that are focused on timely and important issues and updates for members and that tie in with our advocacy work.  

Webinars and online education: News/Media Alliance offers webinars featuring in-house and external industry experts to share updates on timely and important issues related to our advocacy work. Past webinars are archived and available to members.

E-newsletters: News/Media Alliance keeps members informed through our e-newsletters – including the Alliance Quarterly Member Update, dailyXchange and newsXchange – containing industry news, perspectives and innovative insights and Alliance updates, new materials and resources.

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