JCPA State Fact Sheets

JCPA State Fact Sheets

The Alliance has put together Fact Sheets on the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act (JCPA) tailored to the reality of the news industry in each of the 50 states.

These Fact Sheets have state-specific data, including:

  • Number of reporters and newsroom staff employed in the state

  • Percentage of ever ad dollar Big Tech takes from news publishers via their ad tech tax
  • Percentage of residents in the state that get their news from Facebook
  • Percentage of residents in the state that use Google as their primary source for news

You can share this information in meetings, including as a leave-behind in meetings with your state representatives as a reminder of the importance of supporting the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act, and to encourage them to co-sponsor the bills in the House and Senate. You can also use them in letters to your Members of Congress (click here to look up their contact information) or on social media

State-Specific Fact Sheets:​

Click on your state below to download (via Dropbox) your state-specific overview of the JCPA with state newspaper stats.


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