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Publish our new op-ed: Supporting Free Speech Means Protecting Quality Journalism – by David Chavern, President & CEO, News/Media Alliance 

About Free Speech Week

Free Speech Week is a nonpartisan, non-ideological event designed to raise awareness and celebrate the importance of free speech and a free press in the United States. This year Free Speech Week is October 17-23, 2022.

News/Media Alliance is a Free Speech Week partner, along with a variety of organizations and educational institutions that believe in the value of freedom of speech and a free press. Click here to view a list of Free Speech Week Partners.

Partners offer resources and host activities during Free Speech Week, including webinars, quizzes, contests and more. Click here for ideas on how your organization can participate in Free Speech Week.

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Free Speech/Free Press Content

Alliance Free Press page

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Infographic: The History of Press Freedom in America (See right)

Alliance Opposes Bill Restricting Journalists’ Right of Access (July 11, 2022) – The Alliance joined a letter by the National Press Photographers Association asking Arizona Gov. Douglas Ducey to veto a recently passed Bill that makes it illegal to film a law enforcement officer within eight feet of the officer without permission, explaining that the bill likely “violates not only the free speech and press clauses of the First Amendment,” but also “runs counter to the ‘clearly established right’ to photograph and record police officers performing their official duties in a public place.”

Why Students Need the Full First Amendment,” Free Speech Week column by News/Media Alliance Fall/Winter 2020 Alliance communications intern, Jennifer Nehrer (2020) – “In order to ensure that student voices are heard, schools should not limit the freedoms of speech that are given to citizens outside of the schoolyard.”

Facts Are the Language of America,” Free Speech Week op-ed by News/Media Alliance President & CEO David Chavern (2018) – “To fortify and flourish, we need to protect free speech. Journalists must be able to do their jobs without fear of censorship so that readers have unfettered access to the facts. Free speech is our most important tool in challenging abuses of power.”

News Media Are the First and Most Effective Means for Exercising Our Five First Amendment Freedoms,” National Newspaper Week op-ed by News/Media Alliance President & CEO David Chavern (2019) – “Through news media, citizens can express themselves and advocate for their causes, whether they be political, religious or just personally meaningful to us; share our thoughts and ideas; petition the government; and plan assemblies. News media can be our own personal amplifier for sharing our unique perspectives, as well as a wider lens through which to view and engage with our communities.”


The bi-partisan Protect Reporters from Exploitative State Spying Act, or “PRESS Act,” (H.R. 4330) would establish reasonable ground rules for when the government can obtain confidential source information from the media and their third-party service providers. The Act was originally introduced in 2021 by Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) following reports that the Department of Justice was misusing statutes to obtain information from and about journalists. The safeguards enumerated in the PRESS Act are critical to supporting and maintaining a free and independent press.

Related: Statement: House Passes PRESS Act (September 19, 2022)

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Alliance Supports Government Transparency Under FOIA (September 1, 2022)

Senate Holds FOIA Hearing (March 31, 2022)

DOJ FOIA Guidelines Call for More Transparency (March 16, 2022)

The State of of FOIA Infographic (updated March 15, 2022)

Anti-SLAPP Legislation

With State Anti-SLAPP Laws in Chaos, New Uniform Legislation Would Offer Consistent Protection for Publishers of Free Speech (February 28, 2022)

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