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  • 01.31.2018

We Are Real News

We take our responsibility to report the truth very seriously. That is why we invest in the resources needed to seek out and report the truth.

As part of its Support Real News campaign, the News Media Alliance is proud to provide this print ad, as well as 15-sec digital banner and cube GIFs, for use in your print and online newspapers.


Print Ad:

The print ad, available in full- and quarter-page, can be customized with your name and logo.

They can be downloaded in EPS and PDF formats.

Full-Page PDF (10″ x 21″): Click here

Quarter-Page PDF (5.7″ x 10″): Click here

Full-Page EPS (10″ x 21″): Click here 

Quarter-Page EPS (5.7″ x 10″): Click here 



Digital ads:

Link to:

Digital Cube (300 x 250px) – GIF:







Digital banner (728 x 90px) – GIF:


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