News Media Alliance Member Product and Program Overview

Below is a quick-reference list of News Media Alliance member products and programs, what they do and how to access them. and Alliance Social Media Channels

The Alliance website is a comprehensive repository of industry trends, data, and research that highlights news media strengths and positioning. Members have exclusive access to advertising support materials; reports and case studies on innovative strategies and success stories; thought leader webinars and other member-only events.

We also communicate timely industry news and updates, as well as information about new products and upcoming events and webinars, daily via our social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedInYouTube and Instagram.

Industry Benchmarking Tool

Our digital benchmarking tool, metricsXchange, developed exclusively for members, tracks digital as well as print newspaper revenue, audience and engagement metrics that were previously unavailable. It also allows individual publishers to see how their newspaper is performing compared to its competitors. We are currently onboarding members. The Alliance also provides analyses and highlights newsworthy trends mined from the tool, which are made available to participating news organizations.

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The Alliance actively lobbies Congress, the Administration and federal agencies in Washington, D.C. to protect the interests of the industry. We have executed campaigns to preserve the business deduction of advertising expenses; protect publishers’ intellectual property rights; retain public notice and recruitment advertising in newspapers; shine a light on deceptive ad blocking practices; repeal media regulations that block investment in journalism; and fight against government interference with newsgathering practices and a free press. No other industry association is in our nation’s capital, representing your business and employees, like we do.

LawView: A tool developed exclusively for members of the Alliance to track state legislation and development on bills, LawView provides timely information that facilitates engagement at the local level. Members receive a monthly update and have access to a map, updated in real time with the latest issues of the Alliance, including Public Notice, UAS, FOIA, SLAPP and TCPA.

Member Communities

The News Media Alliance LinkedIn Groups provide a platform for sharing, brainstorming and learning. Keep up with the latest developments and participate in interactive discussions with fellow industry members on trends and issues affecting your publication. Join us and exchange insights and ideas on topics such as: growing revenue, innovation, audience engagement, advocacy issues and more.

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Online Job Board

careerx-logoThe Alliance online job board, careerXchange, gains you access to the industry’s top talent. Post news media industry job openings, search the listings and peruse resumes of potential candidates. Not only is careerXchange the best way to find qualified candidates, but it’s also a great way to reinvest in our community and help build the news profession. Unlike the commercial job boards, our site is owned specifically by News Media Alliance and was developed solely with industry employers in mind.


The Alliance vendorXchange is an online resource designed specifically for Alliance members to search for news media industry service providers in a variety of categories. Members can search for a service provider by browsing categories or through a keyword search.

Member-focused events

The Alliance has updated the event strategy to include newly branded events.

adXchange is a semi-annual conference that allows our members to meet personally with multiple top advertisers and agencies in one place.

innovationXchange is a quarterly gathering of media executives to talk about pressing issues and solutions. This event gets the top minds of the industry together in a room.

Webinars and online education

The Alliance offers webinars featuring in-house and external industry experts sharing tips and success stories for generating revenue and growing audience. Past webinars are archived and available to members on our website.


The Alliance keeps members informed through regular email communications on the latest news and innovative insights from and for the industry. All members receive*+:

dailyXchange: The top seven stories of the day, including the latest Alliance articles and resources, and third-party industry news.

newsXchange: Weekly email brief delivered each Wednesday of timely Alliance news, emerging industry trends and insights across industry publications. Click here to subscribe.

policyXchange: Biweekly update on the Alliance’s activities on public policy issues important to the news media industry.

Platform News You Can Use: Quarterly update on the major tech platforms’ efforts with news publishers and journalism programs.

*You can edit your email preferences by logging in to the member-only section of the website and clicking on Email Preferences from the My Alliance home screen.

+If you need your log-in information sent to you or have questions about which newsletters you’re signed up for, please contact or call 1.844.656.4622.


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