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This monthly newsletter is focused on sharing cutting edge stories, trends, topics, and social media posts with unique perspectives and new ideas that have the potential to translate to opportunities for news and magazine publishers. Stories and posts we share might cover topics as wide-ranging as Web3, podcasts, startups and technology, online advertising, and more. Click the links below to access current and past editions. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you’re seeing out there that you see as up and coming for the news industry. Drop me a line at rebecca@newsmediaalliance.org.

Rebecca Frank, VP, Research & Insights, News/Media Alliance
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Current Issue:

May 2023 – It feels like the only thing people talk about or cover lately is AI. However, while those conversations continue, I want to check in on what we might be missing as we breathlessly await the latest gimmick. This month, we have a look at a formerly flashy technology; a check-in on an ill-fated revenue scheme; a stealthy new channel to reach people; a company that’s betting on users wanting a clear tradeoff for what they give; an update on an ongoing measurement debate; and a major tech platform not following through on its promises (again). Keep reading.

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