Alliance Resources to Get Started on the Right Foot in the New Year

It’s a new year, which signifies new beginnings, a fresh start and the setting and attaining of new goals, both personally and professionally.

As you are charting your plans for 2020, as a news industry professional and as a member of the News Media Alliance, remember to utilize the Alliance’s many resources, products and programs available to aid you in your day-to-day activities and to help make your life easier! To learn how you can be leveraging these resources, read on and then click through to launch each program.

The start of the new year is also a good time to review your email preferences and make sure you’re subscribed to our most relevant email newsletters. We launched a few newsletters in the last year that you we think you’ll find useful! Scroll down for more information about the email newsletters we offer for members.

Now, on to the goal-crushing!

Alliance Website and Social Media Channels

Have you browsed our website lately? The Alliance website,, offers a wealth of content on industry news, trends and events, as well as updates on our digital advocacy and public policy activities and new research insights for members. In addition, members will find reports; press statements; free house ads and PSAs; webinars and events; and more. It is a treasure trove for the news industry pro! Note: You’ll need to login to access the member-only resources – email if you need password assistance.

We also recommend that you Like and Follow us on the major social media channels as well, as we communicate timely industry news and updates, as well as information about new products and upcoming events and webinars, daily via our social media channels. Find us on FacebookTwitterLinkedInYouTube and Instagram.

Advertising Intelligence Center:

The Advertising Intelligence Center (AIC) is an online database of case studies from fellow news publisher members highlighting best practices of their successful advertising campaigns. The AIC contains new ideas and approaches, with accounts of strategies that really work, including case studies from fellow Alliance members — such as Hearst, GateHouse Media and AH Belo — that showcase these ideas and strategies and provide valuable insights and in-depth context on how they executed them successfully.

Browse all of the case studies or apply filters to see the cases sorted by challenge, geography or retail sector. Results are displayed in real-time. Simply click on the links to download the PDFs of the studies.

We are also accepting new case studies and encourage you to submit your success stories to us for inclusion in the AIC! Access the AIC here – member login required.

Advertising Planning Calendar:

This Advertising Planning Calendar provides a schedule of News Media Alliance ads, along with ads provided through our partnership with The Ad Council, for your advertising department’s use in planning your advertising schedule. Included in the calendar are suggested dates for the ads to run, as well as links to access the required ad files. Click here to access the Ad Planning Calendar.

News Impact Project:

We recently introduced a new Alliance program called the News Impact Project to help demonstrate the positive impact local news has on communities. We’re in the process of assembling an encyclopedia of impactful stories that will provide compelling evidence of the critical work newsrooms and journalists are doing to drive support for local news in the form of subscriptions, donations and shares with others who will do the same.

We would love to hear about the stories you have recently produced that have been the most valuable, in terms of having a positive impact on the community. It doesn’t have to have won a Pulitzer – it just has to have had a positive impact on the community! Read more about the News Impact Project and then send us your stories to ensure your journalism is included in the encyclopedia!

News Advertising Panorama:

A fact-packed resource that is very useful for all news industry pros, the News Advertising Panorama should definitely be added to your bookmarks, especially if you work in sales, marketing or advertising. The News Advertising Panorama: A Wide-Ranging Look at the Value of the News Audience is a comprehensive resource that highlights the benefits and advantages of advertising in print and digital news media.

The 86-page Panorama includes research and statistics from a wide range of sources, including Nielsen Scarborough, comScore, Kantar Media, the Alliance’s own research and more, to demonstrate the value of the news audience for advertisers. The Panorama elaborates on eight qualities that embody the unique selling proposition for advertising in news media, and details how news media provide the best advertising strategies and channels to reach the desired audience(s).

The guide looks at key demographics of the news media audience, such as income and education, as well as their buying and spending habits and their role as influencers in society.

Keep it handy as a quick-reference resource, or to inform your next sales call or meeting with a customer. Click here to access the Panorama – member login required.

Safe Harbor Resource Center:

The Safe Harbor Resource Center is a unique and wide-ranging repository of resources and information on the Journalism Competition & Preservation Act which, if implemented, would provide an antitrust safe harbor for news publishers to collectively negotiate with the tech platforms for better business arrangements.

The News Media Alliance has been very vocal in advocating for such legislation, which it believes is needed to address the imbalance in the news publisher-platform relationship.

Visit this page to access resources and materials related to the legislation, including the Senate and House bills and related fact sheets, grassroots campaign and Alliance press statements, videos, research and more.

Digital Advocacy Rolling Update:

This page is updated regularly with the Alliance’s activities on the Hill, as well as other updates on digital issues and activities. Updates can be viewed by month and by year. Check back regularly for the latest updates, or subscribe to receive the Digital Advocacy Updates newsletter, distributed bi-weekly – see below for more information). Click here to access the Rolling Update.

Speaking Engagements:

We have several knowledgeable subject-matter experts here at the Alliance who are available to speak at internal and external conferences and events. Click here to view our Speaker Bios and find the expert you’d like to request. Or, tell us what you’re looking for in a speaker, and we will suggest one based on area of expertise and availability. Click here to send us a speaker request.

Learn with Us – Webinars and Events:

Sometimes it’s just easier to hear straight from us, so make sure to subscribe to receive our emails regarding upcoming Alliance webinars and live events (see more below on how to review and update your email preferences)! We often invite outside experts to join our webinars that can elaborate on research and trends and offer unique perspectives and innovative solutions. Can’t make a webinar? Don’t worry! We record our webinars and provide links to the recording, along with the speaker slides, on the event page shortly after the webinar so you can watch when you have time. Click here to view our upcoming events.

Our signature in-person event, adXchange, is coming up on February 24-25 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, so be sure to register now if you’re thinking of attending! This time-and-cost-saving event allows news publishers to have private one-on-one meetings with advertisers and agencies. Alliance news publisher members attend at no charge, but you must register to attend. Click here for more information and to register.

Email Newsletters:

One of the main ways we keep our members informed about what we’re working on, as well as news and insights pertaining to the industry, is through our regular email communications.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to review your email preferences to make sure you are subscribed to the emails you want to receive, including our email newsletters, announcements about new products and reports, advocacy and policy alerts, press releases and more.

You can edit your email preferences by logging in to the Alliance website and clicking on Email Preferences from the My Alliance home screen. Likewise, you can click “Update your preferences” at the bottom of any Alliance email to edit your preferences.

If you need your login information sent to you or have questions about which newsletters you’re signed up for, please contact or call 1.844.656.4622.


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