Alliance Members to Benefit from New Advertising Intelligence Center

Advertising has long been a main driver of revenue to news publications, both print and digital, but crafting the right strategy for each advertiser can be a complicated task. To help member publishers best serve their advertisers, the Alliance has launched the Advertising Intelligence Center (AIC).

The AIC is a gateway to a repository of ideas and approaches, provided by members and maintained by the Alliance, with accounts of advertising and marketing strategies that really work. Case studies from fellow Alliance members such as Hearst, GateHouse Media and A.H. Belo Corporation, which are available by completing the short form, showcase these ideas and strategies and provide valuable insights and in-depth context on how they executed them successfully.

Case studies within the AIC demonstrate the breadth of local news media’s available offerings to advertisers and give member publishers the opportunity to showcase their successes. As demonstrated in the News Advertising Panorama, local publishers offer unique expertise when it comes to creating customized campaigns targeting a local audience. Advertising in local news media is also incredibly effective. More than 50 percent of adults view advertisements in news publications favorably, and more than 80 percent of adults trust the ads they see in news publications.

The case studies found in the AIC demonstrate these facts and show that local media are ideal advertising partners. Through use of the information obtained through the AIC, Alliance members have the opportunity to learn from each other’s successes and provide greater value, not only to their advertisers, but to their readers as well.

In the AIC, members can submit a form to request case studies, selecting from a set of criteria to narrow down the results, including geographic segment (e.g. local, regional, national), industry sector (e.g. automotive, education, food and beverage) and challenge (e.g. lead generation, awareness, recruitment). In addition, members can send in case studies to be included in the database. The more members that submit case studies to the AIC, the more valuable it will be to all member publishers.

The AIC is available exclusively to News Media Alliance members (login required) on its website at

Members who have case studies they would like to contribute, or who have questions about the AIC, can contact me at


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