The Year In Review: Our Top Posts of 2018

As we head into the new year, we wanted to look back at some of the interesting things we learned in 2018. Over the course of the year, we’ve shared dozens of articles with you, from profiles of our young Rising Stars to columns from CEO David Chavern, from journalism history quizzes to detailed infographics about the strength of the news media during elections and on Black Friday. If you missed any of our most informative or engaging articles, now is your chance to catch up!

Is It Finally Time For A Federal Shield Law?

While a federal shield law would not supersede state laws, protection on the federal level would send a clear message about the importance of preserving the relationships journalists have with their sources.

10 Pulitzer Prize–Worthy Halloween Costumes for Journalists

It’s time for the third annual News Media Alliance Halloween costume round-up. As always, these costumes are easy for when you’re tight on deadline.

News Advertising Panorama: A Wide-Ranging Look at the Value of the News Audience

Recent research shows that, for advertisers, there’s no better audience to target than the news media audience. This research is the foundation of the Panorama, which highlights the benefits and advantages for marketers of advertising in print and digital news media.

Guest Post: When Winning Feels Like Losing

When the International Trade Commission reversed the tariffs on Canadian newsprint, publishers and paper producers rejoiced. But now that refunds are being sent to producers, publishers are left wondering if they’ll share in the returned revenue.

Rising Star: Nicole Hong

Nicole Hong moved around a lot as a child. But when she moved from Pennsylvania to Indiana in the 10th grade, she found journalism

How To: Use Twitter to Your Advantage as a Journalist

As simple as Twitter may seem, it’s not entirely intuitive how journalists should use it. Should it be used as a self-promotion tool? A way to crowdsource stories? A way to engage with readers? A way to have fun? The journalists who are most successful on Twitter use it for all of those things, and move seamlessly between those modes of engagement. We look at those journalists and what you can learn from their use of the social media platform.

Quiz: Do You Know Which Election Headlines Are Real?

As midterm elections approach in the U.S., fake news producers have been sharing more and more stories that paint one side or the other as bad actors. Sometimes, those stories can seem so plausible that even the savviest of news consumers is at risk of falling for the lies. Take our quiz to find out how you’d fare against the fake news creators!

Infographic: 8 News Media Stats to Be Thankful For

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we wanted to share some of the good news about the news media industry — some facts and figures we can all be thankful for. Among the items bringing us some early holiday cheer are increased reader revenue, the end of tariffs on Canadian newsprint, and hope for growing trust among the news audience.

Student Press Law Center Fights for Student Journalists’ 1A Rights

While student journalists may not be facing the exact same threats as their adult counterparts, there are serious threats to the student press, and the current anti-press environment has only made things worse. But luckily for students across America, the Student Press Law Center is ready to assist young journalists no matter their legal or ethical predicament.

How Women In Sports Media Are Cheering Each Other On

Women only had 11.4 percent of the sports story bylines last year — and that was up from 10 percent the previous year. Yet women make up a huge percentage of sports fans — 51 percent of women are sports fans, and they make up about 35 percent of each sport’s fanbase. So why aren’t there more women covering athletics?

Honorary Mention: Can You Tell Real News Headlines from Fake? Take Our Quiz!

Although published in December 2017, our fake news quiz has remained incredibly popular with readers throughout 2018. Think you have what it takes to tell real headlines from fake news headlines? Take our quiz to find out!


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