Quiz: Do You Know Which Election Headlines Are Real?

As midterm elections approach in the U.S., fake news producers have been sharing more and more stories that paint one side or the other as bad actors. Sometimes, those stories can seem so plausible that even the savviest of news consumers is at risk of falling for the lies. Are you susceptible to fake election news? Take our quiz below to find out if you’re prepared to head to the polls or if you need to do more research before you vote.

When you’re done, scroll to the end of the quiz to read the real news stories — or the fact-checks — for each of the 10 headlines featured in the quiz.

Whether you just aced the quiz or need a little more help telling real news from fake, the links below will direct you to the information cited in our quiz.

2. Craigslist Trump supporters (via BuzzFeed News)
3. Provisional ballots (via The Sacramento Bee)
4. Georgia flag-burning candidate (via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
6. N.C. tried to block black voters (via The Washington Post)
7. Candidate’s siblings make attack ad (via Arizona Republic)
8. Nike’s political donations (via Yahoo! Sports)
9. Blumenthal’s military service (via Hartford Courant)

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