10 Pulitzer Prize–Worthy Halloween Costumes for Journalists

It’s time for the third annual News Media Alliance Halloween costume round-up. As always, these costumes are easy and punny DIYs for when you’re tight on deadline. They’re all certain to be a hit with your news-loving friends and coworkers.

Disappearing Content


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Forget the Irish Goodbye, if you’re dreading the office Halloween parade, print out the Snapchat icon, make a brief appearance and be gone. Disappearing content is all the rage with Instagram stories and Snap, Inc. both luring publishers to the temporary space—plus it gets you out of small talk.



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This easy dual-purpose costume is great for the busy social media manager trying to target a lot of audiences on Halloween. You attract The Office fans and pun-lovers all while paying homage to The Book. All you need is an eye liner (or if you’re really short on time, go for a marker) to write FACE on one cheek and BOOK on the other. Way easier than figuring out how to beat the algorithm changes!

Social Butterfly


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This is a little more involved than the other social media costumes, but it’s worth the work. Grab butterfly wings, wand and a tutu from a costume shop (or your child’s closet). Attach printed-out social media icons to the skirt. Glitter optional.

404 Error


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This Halloween, we’re giving IT some love with this easy 404 Error costume. All you need is a Sharpie and white shirt. Write 404 Error: Costume Not Found on the shirt, throw it on and you’re good to go. If only all IT problems were that easy to solve.

Web Server

This is another for those in IT: the web server. This pun-based costume can be as easy or intricate as you want it. Dress as a waiter, grab a tray, stick a (light) laptop (or one made out of a carboard box) on it—voilà! Add authenticity by draping a tea towel over your other arm. To make it spooky, cover your waiter get-up in that fake web material they sell at craft and party stores. Be sure to offer the web(s) to other attendees as much as possible.

Mobile First


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For this costume, you’ll need poster board, some markers and a foam finger. Draw out an iPhone (or droid if you’re that person) onto the poster. You can also just print out app icons if you’re not the artsy type. Then it’s time to dawn the foam finger and remind everyone in this digital age, mobile is number one.


Alexa, find me the coolest Halloween costume. Amazon’s Echo, known affectionately as just Alexa to most, is all the rage for publishers. Finding new ways to infiltrate the IoT and connect with readers is awesome. Almost as awesome as this costume! To make, buy some black poster board and blue LED lights. Wrap yourself in a cylinder and cut arm holes. Stencil the ‘Zon’s logo on your front and wrap the LED lights around the top. One clever dad even found a way to incorporate an Echo into his child’s costume for authenticity.



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Though it says number 2, the classic pencil will always be number one to writers. Find a yellow shirt or dress, write no. 2 on it, and create a cap with poster board to either be an eraser (just a pink cylinder) or pencil point (cone). Write on!



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Ah, Clippy, the OG editor. This adorably annoying Word icon was always willing to help you write a resume, letter or remind you to save your progress. To make this costume, you’ll need some wire and tin foil, black paper and googly eyes. Wrap the wire into a paper clip shape, add the googly eyes and affix some busy eyebrow above. Stand around the newsroom and say, “It looks like you’re writing an article. I can help!”

News Flash


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Dress as the fastest super hero and pick up the day’s paper for this easy pun. You can either commit to a full Flash costume, if you happen to have one lying around, or just aim for minimalism with a lightning bolt shirt.




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