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The News Media Alliance hosted its inaugural trustXchange event on Wednesday, June 13, 2018 just outside Washington, DC. This invitation-only event featured some of the key innovators working on understanding trust in news and news outlets. They hail from the academic, tech and business fields, and presented actionable findings from their work to help publishers learn what they can do to improve reader trust.


Topics & Speakers:

  • New Data on Trust: Jeff Sonderman, API

  • The Trust Landscape: Amy Mitchell, Pew Research Center

  • Industry-Wide Trust Initiatives: Bill Densmore, ITEGA • Dan Gillmor, News Co/Lab • Sally Lehrman, The Trust Project • Lynn Walsh, Trusting News

  • University + Academic Research Shining the Light on Trust: Nicco Mele, Harvard Kennedy School • Andrea Wenzel, Tow Fellow, Temple University • Indira Lakshmanan, Poynter

  • Learning From Local Trust Initiatives: Sam Ford, Rural Journalism Innovation Lab, Bowling Green Civic Assembly • Andrew Rockway, Jefferson Center (Your Voice Ohio) • Hamdan Azhar, News Inequality Project


trustXchange Briefing Book

The trustXchange briefing book includes information on every speaker/panelist’s research that they have conducted, including their biographical information, a short description of their trust research and/or program, links to view additional details and how to follow-up with them via email.


Click on the arrows below to access useful descriptions and links of the programs and studies featured by the speakers and experts at trustXchange 2018.


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