Introducing Table Talks: mediaXchange 2017

By Michelle Harris

I’m so excited to introduce a new type of session at mXc 17. In previous years, we haven’t focused enough on the exchange with our audience—it is called mediaXchange after all!

So this year, we will feature table talks, a series of engaging, small group conversations aimed at tackling major issues in news media. These mini- sessions will give you an opportunity to collaborate with top minds in the field to explore new ideas and solutions to challenges you may face. You will be able to ask questions, provide ideas and brainstorm as a group.

We think this will be one of the most rewarding experiences at mediaxchange. Many of our speakers will act as the hosts, and have proposed the conversation topic of their choice, to give these a crowd-source vibe.

The list of topics can be found here. At the conference, these topics will be clearly marked, available online and in the mediaXchange app.

How will these work?

After a brief introduction from a table talk host, you’ll get to select a topic of your choice and join a conversation at a table. These are participatory conversations that resonate at the core of the mediaxchange crowd: professional development issues and emerging trends and ideas.

We’ll run two rounds of conversations, each about 20 minutes in length, so you’ll have the chance to provide input into two topics. We’ll also take notes to share, so don’t worry if you can’t get to every topic you find interesting.

Once we’re finished, the notes will be available for you and anyone else who might find the conversations interesting as a reference … or even to continue discussions after the event!


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