CEO Column: mediaXchange 2017

At News Media Alliance, we’re just a few days away from our annual mediaXchange conference. This year’s theme is focused on the Futures of News. Not the singular future, but the plural form. The future is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every news organization is going to have its own unique blend of business – with print, digital, social distribution, events, subscriptions, video, etc. But we all have one thing in common: audience, and that audience is growing and consuming more news all the time.

Trying to shoe-horn one solution isn’t going to work, and we’re not going to try. The important thing is that we innovate, communicate and advocate together.

At mediaXchange, we will talk about emerging technologies, platforms and solutions to challenges publishers are currently facing.

I’m thrilled to present a new mediaXchange format, which has become sleeker, more innovative and interactive than ever before. This annual event has evolved to become more representative of what we are. As the largest industry gathering of its kind in North America, I believe it is an incredibly valuable event for publishers and news media, advertisers and associated businesses in the print and digital publishing industry.

mediaXchange 2017 is a chance to hear from insightful speakers with bold new ideas and innovative strategies. We’ll be discussing and analyzing some of today’s key issues, from journalism in the time of President Trump to diversity in the newsroom. You’ll gain insights into our members with momentum, learn about some exciting new tools from the Alliance and network with the best of the best.

We have tremendous speakers lined up from inside and outside of the industry, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to some rising stars. Intrigued? Here’s what to expect:

  • Killer keynotes. Trust us: You won’t want to miss insights from Mitch Joel, Mirum; Jonathon Perelman, ICM Partners; and Paul Taylor, generational expert and book author.
  • Table Talks tailored to and driven by you. Are you hoping to gain insights into new advertising trends, audience engagement via social media, revenue growth or strategies for local newspapers? Take your pick of table talks designed around these topics.
  • An edge in technology and advertising. Over 30 of the top newspaper advertisers and agenciesrepresenting over 85 companies will be attending mediaXchange, and we have facilitated several opportunities for personal meetings and conversations to further your relationships and introduce your advertising offerings.
  • And, you get a front row seat to some of the newest and brightest technology solutions, with a fast-paced round of pitches from the winning startups of Accelerator Pitch Program.

While I’m truly excited for this incredible lineup of speakers, the program itself doesn’t begin to capture all of mediaXchange. One of the greatest assets of this conference is the community of newspaper executives, advertisers and members of the publishing business who attend. Your discussions, ideas, networking and collaboration is one of our key strengths as an industry, and it is the reason I am so optimistic for the futures of news publishing.

So, come prepared to learn, discuss and have a little fun—it is New Orleans, after all.


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