Statement: News/Media Alliance Applauds Senators Schumer, Heinrich, Rounds and Young for Recognizing Importance of Journalism in AI Forums, New Report

The News/Media Alliance applauds Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senators Heinrich, Rounds and Young for soliciting a diverse set of views related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their recognition of the importance of journalism in their new AI report. We appreciate the opportunity for News/Media Alliance President & CEO, Danielle Coffey, to participate in the Forum on Transparency, Explainability, Intellectual Property, and Copyright to discuss the critical implications of AI for journalism in America.

“Media publishers recognize the exciting potential in responsibly deployed AI innovations, and that unregulated, generative AI also poses a significant threat to the pillars of a healthy and informed democracy,” Coffey said. “We are very grateful that this report encourages the relevant committees to address the concerns of local news providers and recognizes other important AI principles, including transparency, labeling, and content provenance, which are imperative for the committees to consider. We encourage further progress towards legislative action that would address these critical issues and will work with congressional leadership towards that end.”



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