News Advertising Panorama Showcases Value of News Media Audience for Advertisers

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Lindsey Loving
Manager, Communications


November 7, 2018

Arlington, VA – Recent research shows that, for advertisers, there’s no better audience to target than the news media audience. This research is the foundation of the News Media Alliance’s News Advertising Panorama book, released today, which highlights the benefits and advantages for marketers of advertising in print and digital news media. The inherent value of the newspaper media audience itself continues to be a huge benefit for advertisers due to its socioeconomic profile and strong purchasing history in several retail categories.

The 78-page News Advertising Panorama includes compelling research and statistics from a wide range of sources, including Nielsen Scarborough, comScore, Kantar Media, the Alliance’s own research and more, to paint a comprehensive picture of the value of the news audience for advertisers.

The objective of the Panorama is to provide advertisers with useful facts and figures on the news media audience that will encourage them to prioritize advertising in print and digital news media as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Alliance Vice President of Research & Insights Rebecca Frank explains the impetus for developing the Panorama, saying, “While the news media landscape has evolved rapidly in the past few years, what hasn’t changed is that people trust their favorite news source — and the advertisements they find there. But not all advertisers are aware of the value the news media offer to their clients, which is surprising given how strong the data really are.”

The book highlights eight features that comprise the unique selling proposition for advertising in news media, including offering a brand-safe environment where advertisers can be confident their promotions will not appear alongside inappropriate content; advertising effectiveness and trust by those making purchasing decisions; a wealthier, more-educated audience than the average U.S. adult; superior engagement by retail shoppers with ads in newspaper media; and reach to more than 136 million U.S. adult consumers, including 49 percent of adults age 18–49.

The news media industry has long provided accurate and truthful news and information, while vigilantly pursuing the people’s right to know the truth. While the mission of news media has remained steadfast, the way in which news media content is developed and delivered has evolved to meet the needs of readers and advertisers alike.

Today’s local news media company is a publisher of original content, a provider of marketing services and the go-to expert on their readers and the local community. Their solutions encompass a variety of customer-focused marketing solutions, from standard print and digital advertising to events, research and marketing services.

The Panorama details how news media provide the best advertising strategies and channels to reach the desired audience(s). The book looks at key demographics of the news media audience, such as income and education, as well as their buying and spending habits and their role as influencers in society which, taken together, make them a must-reach audience for advertisers.

Alliance President & CEO David Chavern stated, “The Panorama shows how the news media industry is uniquely positioned to provide effective advertising solutions across all manner of print and digital platforms. It tells advertisers what we already know, which is that news organizations are no longer relegated to one channel and have adapted their publications to meet consumers’ changing needs and preferences.”

Frank adds, “It may seem easier to advertise with the tech giants and social media platforms, but it is possible today for advertisers to reach a diverse, relevant audience by relying on news media partners as their primary source for advertising products and services. They’ll be able to reach their desired audience across numerous platforms, from print and digital to social media, video and audio.”

Some key findings in the Panorama:

  • Consumer trust in print media is twice that of social media.
  • Print newspapers and magazines are the most-trusted advertising channels among news media consumers, more than any other source.
  • Consumers have a positive perception of ads in print newspapers.
  • Print newspapers score high for recall and likability and are also more likely than other channels to drive reader action, with as many as 83 percent of news media consumers taking action because of printed advertisements.
  • Print newspapers are the preferred source for coupons for U.S. adults.
  • News media provide superior coverage of shoppers across multiple industries, reaching between 55 and 65 percent of shoppers in multiple retail shopping categories.

Frank concludes, “The most valuable asset to an advertiser is a respected and reliable partner that their audience trusts. With news media, you get that respected partner.”

The Panorama is available exclusively to News Media Alliance members on its website. Advertisers and others interested in obtaining a copy of the book should contact Alliance VP, Research & Insights Rebecca Frank at


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