Her Conference 2017

The summer of professional development and exploration in the field is continuing for this News Media Alliance Intern! I am so fortunate (and absolutely ecstatic) to be heading to New York City to attend the annual Her Conference this weekend.

Her Conference is a two-day conference for women in communications. It focuses on media, journalism, marketing, PR, entrepreneurship, social impact, tech, leadership and more. Each day will be broken into three blocks in which attendees can choose from multiple panelists to hear speak on a specific topic in the previously mentioned areas. There will also be three keynote speakers each day. All of the speakers are women in different parts of the communications industry.

I really can’t emphasize enough how much I am looking forward to this event. A few years ago, I couldn’t define what strategic communications was. It’s a broad field undoubtedly and it is hard to put into words. (Ask my mom, she really has no idea what it is that I do. Although she does think it’s funny how much time I spend on Twitter as a part of my job.)

After a few semesters of communications classes and many new experiences in the field, I have come to not only be able to explain what strategic communications is, but I also have developed a love of communications. Seeing this industry grow before my eyes into something not only super cool but also incredibly necessary has been amazing.

This weekend will be a time to absorb some of the wisdom my communications role models have to offer. Among the keynote speakers are the co-chairs of the Women’s March; the founder of PopSugar Lisa Sugar; actress Troian Bellisario; journalist Gretchen Carlson; founder of MuslimGirl.com Amani Al-Khatahtbeh; and actress Naomi King.

A few panels I am especially looking forward to attending are “Closing the Confidence Gap: Strategies to Make Your Brain More Confidence Prone,” “Working with a Purpose: Inside careers with Social Impact” and “Social Superstars: How to Make Social Media Your Full-Time Job.”

Follow me and my Her Conference experience this Friday through Sunday as I do a social media take over for News Media Alliance! Next week, I will have another post recapping my takeaways from the conference.


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