Welcome to the News Media Alliance Digital Dialogue.

Through ongoing conversations with the major tech platforms, the Alliance works on behalf of its member news organizations to find ways to improve the revenue and engagement return from the platforms. In addition, via digital-specific newsletters and communications, the Alliance shares what the platforms are doing to aid news publishers and journalists in leveraging their tools to maximize the visibility of and engagement with news content. Click here to download a one-page overview of our strategic initiatives with the platforms.

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Digital Advisory Group: The Alliance’s Digital Advisory Group is composed of executives, digital professionals and other representatives from the Alliance member companies. The group aims to discuss and develop new ways of working with the tech platforms (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Amazon) to build better and more sustainable partnerships. The group does so by holding regular calls, organizing video and in-person meetings with the platforms, providing substantive input and exchanging information between the member companies. The Digital Advisory Group is the Alliance’s hub for discussing developments in the digital marketplace and finding collective solutions to common problems. 


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