Webinar: Retaining Readers Through Cost-Effective Service Improvements


Thursday, July 20 – this event has passed

2:00-3:00 pm

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Bill Nagel, Vice President, Shared Audience/Print Products, Cox Media Group, Inc.

Michael Otero, Director, National Home Delivery, The New York Times
Bill Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Circulation & Operations, Denver Post

Bill Nagel will lead the newspaper operational and audience executives in a discussion of the proven cost-effective tactics necessary to maintain a relationship with readers, a look at how the distribution business needs to evolve to build a sustainable distribution system and the steps necessary to get there.

Providing superb service retains print and digital subscribers. Adopting the strategy of “owning our streets” has been an imperative that has secured important revenue streams for many newspapers and a distribution business that has facilitated the launch of profitable niche products.

The session will include a look at how the distribution business needs to evolve and the steps necessary to get there and address key challenges such as effective recruitment, how the service model has evolved and the essential elements when considering a conversion to a distributor model.

Michael Otero, Director, National Home Delivery, New York Times will share his unique perspective from a nationally distributed publication identifying characteristics of newspapers that are achieving higher levels of service and the metrics that are most insightful in measuring success.

Bill Reynolds will focus the discussion on the decision-making process in converting to a distributor model, the profile of a successful distributor, the recruiting process and the nuances of managing this different relationship.

The discussion will address key challenges and tactics such as:

– Shared services among newspapers
– Service Metrics that make a difference
– Recruiting agents and identifying potential recruits such as retires
– Effective recruitment techniques from social media to the more traditional advertising
– A profile of successful contracted carriers and distributors and how to contribute to their success.

About the Speakers:

Bill Nagel is Vice President, Shared Audience/Print Products at Cox Media Group (CMG). Bill joined CMG in 2016 and is responsible for growing the print audience business at its four newspaper markets.  Nagel is responsible for subscription sales, customer service, distribution, audience marketing and its commercial delivery business.

Michael Otero is Director, National Home Delivery at The New York Times. Michael began his career at The Times as a summer intern and has held various home delivery, single copy, and back office positions during the course of his career.  He is excited to engage members across our industry in discussing how we can best share and coordinate ways to achieve our mutual goal of improving home delivery service to print subscribers and increase retention.

Bill Reynolds is Senior Vice President, Circulation and Operations at The Denver Post.




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