Webinar: Impressions Per Connection – The Bonus Impressions System

This webinar will cover the universal problems plaguing premium web sites; too much unsold inventory, ineffective ads, and poor site performance, which hurt a premium site’s ability to generate revenue and maintain reader loyalty.

The webinar will introduce IPC pricing,* a simple, new added value system that combats these problems by empowering site visitors to automatically increase the exposure of ads, which in turn, allows sites to perform better and earn more dollars.

*The IPC system connects to DFP (Dart for Publishers) so currently, only sites that use this ad server can deploy IPC pricing.

About presenter Ari Rosenberg, Founder of Performance Pricing, LLC:

Ari has been in the online publishing business since 1999, and previously sold print advertising for Newsweek and Tennis magazine.  Ari trained thousands of traditional media sales reps from 2005 – 2012 on how to sell online advertising. In 2013, he launched IPC pricing, a novel and patented system for allocating added value.

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Ari Rosenberg, Founder of Performance Pricing, LLC


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