Alliance Applauds Passage of EU Copyright Law to Protect Online News Content

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News Media Alliance Applauds Passage of 
EU Copyright Law to Protect Online News Content

Copyright Directive Allows News Publishers to Request Compensation from Big Tech

March 26, 2019

Arlington, VA – The News Media Alliance applauds today’s passage of a landmark legislation, in a vote of 348-274, updating the European Union’s copyright law for the digital age and protecting the sustainability of high-quality journalism in Europe. The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market creates a neighboring right for news publishers, allowing them to protect their content online against unauthorized uses by online services.

News Media Alliance President & CEO David Chavern said, “This is a great victory for news publishers, who invest considerable time and resources into producing high-quality and trustworthy journalism that keeps our communities informed. For the first time in Europe, news publishers can now protect their content online through the ability to ask the big tech companies – who up until now have not been stopped from exploiting our content every day – for fair compensation.”

The News Media Alliance has vigorously supported the adoption of the new Directive since it was first proposed in 2016. Working together with European news industry organizations, the Alliance has debunked common myths and Google’s misleading claims about the Publishers’ Right and signed a joint letter from more than 300 creative rights organizations in support of the Directive. “The efforts by the European Union have energized and inspired the news media community around the world. The new regulations set a standard that other countries should follow,” Chavern added.

While European news publishers have no independent right to protect their content online, the Directive will allow news publishers to enforce their rights and to require payment for the use of their content. It is a market-based approach that enhances the publishers’ negotiation position with those wishing to use their content for their own purposes. The Directive does not affect private or non-commercial use of news content.


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