Recruitology: The New Science of Job Boards

Part of a Series Featuring the 2017 Accelerator Pitch Program Winners

Monster, indeed, LinkedIn, Facebook Jobs…the list goes on and on. There are job boards for every niche career and job possible.

Listing a job is time consuming and overwhelming. When newspapers partner with Recruitology, they are able to cast a wide net for local employers.

Recruitology enables publishers to provide local employers with a recruitment platform that includes applicant tracking, analytics, intelligent job ad targeting and now, access to one of the largest job-seeking audiences accessible through specialty job boards and destination sites.

“Employers care about results, putting the job out there and getting the right people back. Papers can say, ‘We’ll give you a way to distribute your job everywhere it needs to go,’” says Recruitology CEO Roberto Angulo.

The start-up spun out of, which focused on entry-level jobs and internships. While at, Angulo says they partnered with newspapers to help them access the college job force.

“Our media companies started asking ‘Can you help us get access to veterans? Or accounting executives?’” he remembers.

The company partnered with CrossPost to gain access to niche job sites. Last year, Recruitology bought CrossPost and in July 2016, consolidated the two.

If someone is looking for a plumber in Orange County, they can post through the Orange County Register. The Register uses Recruitology’s predicative analytics to decide where to post. The machine figures out where it will go, and how long it will be posted, whether it’s to Jobs to Careers, AfterCollege or indeed.

“The employer posts just once, the media company charges once, and we take care of all the stuff behind the scenes,” he says.

He says the sites they partner with are great job boards, but the brand recognition goes to the job board and not the publisher. Recruitology aims to help newspapers get their brands back through labeled, mobile-friendly job sites.
Now with two quarters under his belt, Angulo says it has been an awesome time.

“Our partners are happy, we’ve gone from having roughly 200 media partners to 300,” he says. “The employers, papers and recruiters are all happy. We’re seeing results.”

He says the next year is going to fly by. “We’re going to continue to sign up more partners and get them in the platform.” He plans to launch a programmatic solution with a variable budget, used for all the jobs throughout the year.

Five years in the future, he wants to have helped media companies grow their market share.

“A lot of media companies are sitting on local brand recognition, with seven percent of businesses advertising. We can double or triple that.”

In five years, he wants to focus more on results.

“Right now it’s about how many clicks did my job get. You post for 30 days and get a certain number of clicks,” he says. “But it’s ultimately who you hire and how long they stay. Ultimately it’s about giving the employers real results.”


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