News/Media Alliance and Minnesota Newspaper Association Successful in Modifying Children’s Privacy Legislation in Minnesota

After a months-long effort by the Alliance and the Minnesota Newspaper Association to exempt news media from broad children’s privacy legislation, known as Age-Appropriate Design Code (AADC) legislation, on May 15 the Minnesota legislature dropped consideration of the AADC for this year. Instead, language was added to an omnibus bill requiring the Minnesota Attorney General to study and report on the effect of new and emerging technologies on the well-being of Minnesotans. The language is focused on technology companies and their products. The report, due between Feb 2024 and Feb 2025, is to include policy recommendations to the legislature. In the interim, if the Minnesota legislature considers AADC legislation again next year, the Alliance and Minnesota Newspaper Association will seek to ensure they begin deliberations with the final version of this year’s AADC which included an exemption for businesses primarily engaged in journalism.


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