Fact Sheet: Magazine Media Publishers Call for Consistent Data Standards

Fact Sheet originally published by MPA – The Association of Magazine Media

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In the absence of a federal standard, state privacy laws should promote harmonized, workable provisions that protect consumers and their data.


Magazine media publishers leverage personal data for expected, responsible business practices that benefit readers and promote newsgathering in the public interest. As states develop data protection laws, businesses need consistent and workable data requirements to fulfill their consumers’ data privacy preferences.

MPA supports a robust national privacy standard to protect the data privacy of all Americans, everywhere. Absent a national privacy standard, inconsistent state laws would deny consumers clear information about their rights and make compliance difficult for businesses.


Consistent legislation, across U.S. states, that upholds the ability of news media entities to engage in expected data practices and avoid punitive actions.

Preserve commonly expected practices that sustain media and journalism. Legislative proposals should accommodate longstanding and expected practices related to first-party marketing, subscriber incentives, order fulfillment and loyalty programs. Newsgathering practices should be an explicit exception.

Harmonize proposals with laws already adopted by other states. Virginia and Colorado recently enacted measures that specify consumers’ rights, clearly define unreasonable data practices, uphold consumer choice, and preserve the benefits that come from the responsible use of data.

Reject a punitive private right of action. Enforcement by the state Attorney General is highly effective. A broad private right of action provides no additional privacy protections for consumers and could be used to disproportionately penalize news media organizations through meritless, frivolous litigation.


  • States can ensure effective, workable data protections by harmonizing proposals with the legislation already adopted by other states.
  • Readers trust magazine media publishers with their data. Consumers deserve strong, consistent data protections that support responsible first-party data practices

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