New Data Show News Media Is Stronger Than Ever

As part of our commitment to supporting the news media industry, we monitor reports from external sources that can help publishers make a case for the power of print and digital news as a medium to reach a large, engaged audience. Kantar Media’s “Dimension 2018” report contains statistics that help demonstrate that news media has never been stronger. We present these statistics below, in infographic formats that we hope you can use for presentations, pitches, and promotion.

Although the industry continues its rapid change, “traditional” media outlets still maintain a large audience, in the U.S. and worldwide.

Of those surveyed, more than twice as many people trust printed newspapers and news magazines as compared to social media.

More than one-quarter of people surveyed enjoy ads in online print, providing an opportunity for publishers to improve the online ad experience for readers and ad receptivity.

On the topic of ad receptivity, 71 percent of people surveyed say that advertisers have gotten better at communicating with them. This can be a powerful jumping-off point for conversations about how to better engage with audiences via ads.

As of 2017, ad blocking should remain on your radar, with nearly one-fourth of people surveyed using ad blocking technology, and little variation between age groups.

Consumers are aware of the relationship between advertising and content, but the ads they see should provide value.


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