Alliance Supports Strong New York Anti-SLAPP Law

On April 1, the Alliance signed on to an amicus brief in Kurland v. Glassdoor, filed in the appellate division of the New York Supreme Court. Kurland filed a lawsuit against Glassdoor for defamation after a former employee left an anonymous bad review of Kurland on Glassdoor’s website. The lower court dismissed the claims calling them “absurd,” but they denied Glassdoor an attorneys fees award under the anti-SLAPP statute. The brief, authored by the Reporters Committee, argues that the amended New York anti-SLAPP law requires an award of attorneys fees. The brief further argues that “strong anti-SLAPP protections, including mandatory fee-shifting provisions, are essential to protecting the news media’s ability to inform the public about wrongdoing and to shine a light on abuses of power.” The Alliance continues to support strong anti-SLAPP protections for news publishers. Read more.


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