Alliance Sends Letter Supporting Anti-SLAPP Legislation

On February 16, the News Media Alliance sent a letter to Missouri Rep. Perkins about his recent introduction of HB 2624—the Uniform Public Expression Protection Act. UPEPA is the Uniform Law Commission’s anti-SLAPP law. An anti-SLAPP statute is designed to prevent a “SLAPP,” or a “strategic lawsuit against public participation.” These abusive lawsuits are designed to intimidate or harass individuals engaging in First Amendment activity. UPEPA gives defendants an early motion to dismiss frivolous suits in order to avoid costly litigation for exercising First Amendment rights. UPEPA also brings uniformity to the inconsistency often present in anti-SLAPP laws. Two other associations representing local and national news publishers signed onto the letter. The Alliance continues to work with the Uniform Law Commission and local entities to support strong anti-SLAPP laws and news publishers’ First Amendment rights. 


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