An Alliance Thanksgiving

This time of year I enjoy reflecting on all the goals met and successes achieved. I’m so incredibly grateful for so many things in my career and I’d like to celebrate my Alliance Thanksgiving with you.

Looking back on my first year here, I’m very proud of the things we’ve accomplished at the Alliance and the groundwork we’ve set for the future.  I’ve always maintained the future of news is bright, and now, a year in, I’m more optimistic than ever. The last year at this association has been one of rapid change. We became the News Media Alliance; we’ve reimagined our organizational identity, including expanding our membership to include digital news media organizations; and we have created new products to provide value to our members. I’m excited to work with our existing members and welcome new members to the Alliance family in the New Year.

First and foremost I am grateful to represent such an incredible industry that carries out such an important mission for our country. I’m not going to get too political during the holidays, but just look at what newspapers did in this last election cycle. Under incredible pressure and stress from the candidates — and, frankly, the public — they delivered key story after key story, showing the true power of great journalism.

I am grateful for all of the young reporters and new owners of news media companies who know that the public wants and needs great journalism more than ever, and believe in a vibrant future for the industry. I’m excited to move forward and, at mediaXchange 2017 next April 30-May 3 in New Orleans,  recognize young news media professionals as part of the Alliance’s second annual ‘30 Under 30 Awards’ program, which focuses on innovation and originality by these young thought-leaders.

I’m so thankful for the millions of our readers out there who reject fake news and embrace quality journalism from trusted sources. I hope your holidays are not filled with relatives unwittingly believing viral Facebook headlines, but rather we move forward continuing to fight against fake news.

I am grateful for the wonderful employees of the Alliance, who patiently put up with me changing everything all the time. You guys are the best, and I think we have come such a long way.

And finally, I have to add that I am so thankful for my heathy, wonderful kids, and loving spouse who is patient with my work — and the fact that my house renovation is almost done!


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