Support Real News – SOURCE Ad

The media landscape has become littered with false news stories, making it much harder to find the real news. By seeking news from reputable news sources, you are receiving information from quality journalists.

As part of its Support Real News campaign, the News Media Alliance is proud to provide this full-color print ad, as well as a 15-sec digital cube GIF, for use in your print and online newspapers.

The print ads can be customized with your name and logo.

They can be downloaded in EPS (via Dropbox) and PDF formats.

Full-Page PDF (10″ x 21″): Click here

Quarter-Page PDF (5.7″ x 10″): Click here

Full-Page EPS (10″ x 21″): Click here (via Dropbox)

Quarter-Page EPS (5.7″ x 10″): Click here (via Dropbox)

Digital ad:

Link ad to:

Digital Cube (300 x 250 px) – GIF

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