Statement: Order Against Adept Management for Deceptive Direct Mail Practices


In a ruling this week, a federal judge in Oregon issued an order that implemented a nationwide injunction against Adept Management for its false and misleading newspaper and magazine subscription campaign that plagued consumers from 2010 to 2015. Adept Management — and the roughly 19 companies that it operated — purported to send “renewal notices” to current subscribers claiming that a subscription renewal was required when it was not. The order enjoins Adept, its principals, and the various corporate entities they control from engaging in this sort of campaign in the future, and requires them to pay $9.8 million to the Federal Trade Commission. The News Media Alliance applauds the FTC for pursuing this case and protecting newspaper subscribers across the country. We hope that this order will bring some restitution to consumers who were defrauded, and that it discourages others from seeking to take advantage of consumers in the future.

You can read the full order here.


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