Statement: News/Media Alliance Signs Creative Industry Principles on Artificial Intelligence

Today, the News/Media Alliance signed on to principles developed by a coalition of creative industry organizations, the Human Artistry CampAIgn, outlining high-level principles that should govern the relationship between Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and human-created content and creativity. The principles address issues such as use of copyrighted content, transparency, and inclusion of the creative industries in the policy making process. The document was launched during a South by Southwest (SXSW) panel “Welcome to the Machine: Art in the Age of A.I.

Danielle Coffey, Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the Alliance, stated: “As AI applications become more prevalent in our society, we need to establish clear principles that govern the responsible development and use of these new technologies and applications. We are proud to join this coalition of like-minded organizations and will continue to advocate diligently for regulations and law to protect creators with respect to AI in the same manner it does with respect to other technologies and industries.”



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