Statement: News Media Alliance Applauds White House, U.S. Business Efforts to Stop Disinformation Spread in Ukraine

The News Media Alliance echoes the statement released Saturday by White House National Security Council (NSC) spokesperson Emily Horne, condemning the shuttering of independent media in Russia and threats by the Russian government of prison sentences for journalists who report the truth about the war the country is carrying out in the Ukraine.

Horne stated, “The Russian government’s efforts to propagate lies and obscure the truth have been rejected by the international community:  governments, the private sector, and civil society have taken independent action in an unprecedented manner to reject efforts to sell Putin’s war as justified.”

According to the statement, the White House has imposed sanctions on individuals in Russia and the Ukraine found to be knowingly sowing doubt among the public through spreading disinformation about the war, and is providing assistance to increase digital safety for the media.

The Alliance applauds the White House, as well as U.S. businesses and organizations – including the news media – that are calling out the Russian government for attempting to mislead and divide its people through spreading disinformation and lies about their attacks in the Ukraine.

“The critical role of the press in communicating accurate and truthful information about Russia’s attacks on the Ukraine must be protected,” said Alliance President & CEO David Chavern. “News publishers are committed to reporting the facts and not allowing disinformation and government corruption to obscure the realities of Russia’s unthinkable and inhumane war. We must do whatever we can to support their continued brave efforts to report the truth, which is the best solution to combating disinformation and lies spreading online and on social media.”

The Alliance stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and supports the hard-working journalists reporting on the war – especially those on the ground in the Ukraine – who are risking their lives to deliver the news when we need it the most.



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