Statement: News Media Alliance Applauds State AGs’ Ad Tech Suit Against Google

“We applaud all 10 states that have stepped forward to take action to address Google’s flatly anticompetitive ad technology business. Digital ads are bought, sold and delivered in markets that are much like financial markets. But in these markets, Google dominates the buy-side, sell-side and delivery platforms – and collects data across all of them. We wouldn’t let a stock market work that way, and we shouldn’t allow the digital ad market to, either.

Quality local journalism has been directly damaged by Google’s anticompetitive conduct, and we look forward to the judicial authorities examining the full range of their behaviors and businesses.”



News/Media Alliance Calls on FTC, DOJ to Investigate Google’s Misappropriation of Digital News Publishing, Stop Expansion of Generative AI Overviews Offering - Read more