Statement: Meta Threatens to Remove News from Meta Platforms if CJPA is Passed

In response to Meta’s statement today that it would consider removing news from their platform if the California Journalism Preservation Act (CJPA) – a bill that would require the dominant tech platforms to fairly compensate news publishers for use of their content – is passed in California, the California Broadcasters Association, California News Publishers Association and News/Media Alliance stated:

Meta’s threat to take down news is undemocratic and unbecoming. We have seen this in their playbook before and they have been publicly admonished in other countries for this behavior, including Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau who criticized Meta’s threats, stating that it showed how “deeply irresponsible and out of touch they are.” As the tech platforms compensate news publishers around the world, it demonstrates there is a demand and economic value for news. These threats were attempted before when the Australian government passed a similar law to compensate news outlets and faced substantial public backlash. The Australian law resulted in countless jobs for local journalists and $140 million to news outlets,  Moreover, stating the CJPA funds would go to “slush funds” is blatantly false. Under the bill, 70 percent of funds must go to journalism jobs. This is why the Media Guild of the West voted unanimously to support the bill.



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