CEO Statement: Facebook to Prioritize Trusted News Sources

  • David Chavern
  • 01.19.2018


The direction of Facebook’s announcement today is very positive and we commend them for it.  We just all need to make sure that the implementation delivers on the stated goals.

For some time, we have argued that Facebook should give priority to news from trusted sources.  This would be positive for consumers, as well as help to address “fake news” issues.

Facebook seems to have embraced the basic idea, which is wonderful.  What we don’t know is how the proposed system to identify trusted news sources will really work.  We will be watching that very closely as the changes are rolled out.



  • David Chavern
David Chavern serves as President & CEO of the News Media Alliance. Chavern has built a career spanning 30 years in executive strategic and operational roles, and most recently completed a decade-long tenure at the United States Chamber of Commerce.