Site Approved for Fallen Journalists Memorial

In 2020, Congress passed the Fallen Journalists Memorial Act, allowing for a memorial dedicated to journalists who have died while reporting the news and in recognition of the vital role that the free press plays in our democracy. Now, according to The Washington Post, the future memorial has found a home, with the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts last week approving a location in Washington, DC.

The future memorial, which will be funded through private donations, is expected to be completed in 2028. It will be housed between the National Museum of the American Indian and the Voice of America building on the National Mall with a direct view of the Capitol, which was “chosen to evoke journalists’ role as government watchdogs.”

Throughout our nation’s history, hundreds of U.S. journalists have lost their lives while doing their jobs so that the American public could stay informed on important matters affecting our country. The Fallen Journalists Memorial will serve as much-deserved recognition and acknowledgement of their sacrifice.   Read more.


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