Rising Star: Katherine Kohls

Katherine Kohls is the Manager of Preprints at the Star Tribune Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At 28 years old, Katherine has also been named one of News Media Alliance’s Rising Stars. While Katherine loves to explore the city through what she calls “urban hiking” in an effort to know the community she is a part of, her passion lies in advertising in the media. Check out her 5 Answers to learn about Katherine’s role in the news media industry.

What drew you into news media?

I majored in journalism, international relations and business. I really liked journalism and business and I find both important, so I wanted some sort of combination. I liked the idea of the business side of media. I was also the editor-in-chief of the environmental newspaper at my school in Miami University in Ohio. I had the background, which is actually sort of rare these days, that people actually go into the field they majored in.

Describe a “typical” day on the job

Every day is different. I am a connector; I bring departments together to maximize revenue across Star Tribune’s portfolio of advertising solutions. This has manifested in leadership roles on exciting initiatives like our new Star Tribune Magazine and the strategy to re-energize our tried and true products like preprints through the expansion of our opt-in footprint and developing local insert packages. As long as we keep seeing success – and we have! – Star Tribune is going to keep investing in initiatives that bring “more of what matters to Minnesotans. All Day. Every Day.” And I am excited to have the opportunity to be a leader for the revenue and success of these initiatives!

Do you consider your age an advantage or disadvantage in the industry?

I tend not to think about age. It’s really about what kind of energy and passion you bring. No matter your age, you can work with anyone. What sets you apart is what kind of passion you are bringing.

Any advice for younger people hoping to enter the industry?

Come into work with a passion for what you are doing. Also, keep in mind that what you are doing is helping the community. If you remember you are helping to build a better community, it will help you bring that passion to the table. Another good idea is to get involved in your industry. Seek out opportunities to learn from others who are already in the industry. This will help with experience before you even enter the field.

What do you see as the future of news media?

I don’t think news media is going anywhere, but it is always changing. This is an exciting time because there is so much change going on. Currently, there are a lot of opportunities to connect advertisements and media. Newspapers used to be the best marketing location; now we see ads going other places. This is why we need trusted journalism right now, like we have at Star Tribune. Trusted news sources are where people will go.


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