Webinar: Mitigating the Impact of Ad Blocking

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  • 12.17.2015

Presented by Rusty Coats, Executive Director of the Local Media Consortium, with a panel of industry expert:

Tom Sly, VP of Digital Revenue, EW Scripps Newspapers

Damon Kiesow, Head of Mobile Initiatives, McClatchy Newspapers

Ray Faust– VP, National and Emerging Media Sales, Star Tribune Newspaper

Kelly Nitsche, Director of Operations and Product Management, DMN Media

Tobias Bennett, Local Media Consortium Exchange Champion

Ad blocking-consumers are increasingly downloading ad-blocking software, which may threaten business models of publishers that depend on advertising revenue to support free or reduced-cost content distributed through digital and mobile platforms.  Apple’s recent move to include an ad-blocking feature as a pre-installed setting in the new IOS will further escalate consumer adoption of ad-blocking. While the Local Media Consortium collectively works to improve the advertising experience for our consumers in response to this ad blocking threat, publishers can explore options to mitigate the impact of ad blocking.

In this webinar, members of the Local Media Consortium – an ad consortium of leading local media companies representing more than 1,600 newspapers and local television stations – will discuss the organization’s recently released White Paper –  “Ad Blocking: Navigating New Challenges.”  Recognizing no solution will work for every publisher, the white paper recommends a variety of technical and strategic steps publishers can take to respond to ad blocking, such as: inventory replacement; use of dynamic metering; e-mail registration strategies; messaging to promote “whitelisting” and alternative monetization (e.g. pre-roll video/surveys).

“Mitigating the Impact of Ad Blocking” is on Thursday, December 17 at 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EST.

For more information or any questions, email Rich Schiekofer, NAA Senior Vice President of Business Development.

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