Saving for Retirement Ads

  • Lindsey Loving
  • 03.22.2018

With tax season just around the corner, people have finances on the brain and they may be feeling overwhelmed. This is the perfect time to join the News Media Alliance and Ad Council’s Saving for Retirement Roadblock.

Approximately 41% of households headed by people ages 55–64 (or 9.3 million households) have no retirement savings. By scheduling PSAs on your print, online and social media platforms, you can help motivate people in their late 40s and 50s to better prepare for their long-term financial security so they can lead independent and comfortable lives as they age.





About the Saving for Retirement Roadblock

In partnership with the News Media Alliance, the national Saving for Retirement Roadblock highlights the importance of preparing for long-term financial security.

Many Americans have accomplished a lot in their lives when it comes to making their financial dreams a reality— such as saving for a child’s education, saving for family vacations, or buying a home. The campaign encourages and empowers Americans to apply that same savvy approach for their retirement by breaking down the challenge of savings into small and immediate steps with easy-to-understand resources at

With extensive media support from newspaper partners like you, the national Saving for Retirement Roadblock will drive people to, where users will find a first-of-its-kind interactive “retirement coach” that provides them with the information they need to better prepare for their long-term financial security. In just a few minutes, the interactive retirement coach guides users through a series of questions about their life, savings goals and retirement plan, and provides a personalized action plan that highlights their top three personalized action Items – the simple, practical things they can do now to save for retirement.


How You Can Use the Ads

The ad is available in full- and quarter-page options, in black and white and color, in PDF and EPS formats. You can customize the PSA with your newspaper’s logo and contact information. 

If you have any questions about the ads, please contact Alliance Communications Manager, Lindsey Loving.


Print Ads

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Full-Page COLOR (12″ x 21″)

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Full Page COLOR (12″ x 21″)

Full-Page BLACK AND WHITE (12″ x 21″)




Quarter-Page COLOR (10″ x 6.25″)

Quarter-Page BLACK AND WHITE (10″ x 6.25″)


Quarter-Page COLOR (10″ x 6.25″)

Quarter-Page BLACK AND WHITE (6.25″ x 10″)


Web Banners:

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If you have any questions about the ads, please contact News Media Alliance Communications Manager, Lindsey Loving.



  • Lindsey Loving
Lindsey is the Communications Manager for the News Media Alliance. Prior to joining the Alliance, she led communications for a food and nutrition nonprofit in Washington, D.C. for over eight years.