Report: Preprint Advertising: Toward an Open-Source ROI Model

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  • 09.25.2017




The following research was conducted by Dr. Jef Richards and  Dr. Anastasia Kononova of Michigan State University.


Executive Summary

With funding from the News Media Alliance, a field experiment was conducted in the Lansing, MI, area during four weeks in June-July 2016. The main goal was to determine how newspaper subscribers and non-subscribers respond to advertising inserts in the paper in terms of specific store visits and purchases. Sixty subscribers to the Lansing State Journal (LSJ) newspaper were compared to 58 non-subscribers. Each group was observed during two weeks of receiving the print newspaper, and two weeks of not receiving the print newspaper.

[Coupon and Ad Keeping] People who received the LSJ, both subscribers and non-subscribers, saved more coupons and advertisements than those who didn’t receive the newspaper. This demonstrates a primary effect of intention to respond to preprints.

[Online Spending] Participants receiving the newspaper did more online shopping for brands advertised in LSJ inserts than participants who did not receive the newspaper. This finding is suggestive that the newspaper directly affects online shopping behavior.

[Two-Group Comparison] Subscribers are more likely than non-subscribers to be older, wealthier, more educated, retired, and long-term community residents. Differences between subscribers and non-subscribers, however, go beyond demographics.

[Effect on $ Spent and Buying] Differences between subscribers and non-subscribers most likely drive differences in the way buying behavior is affected by newspaper presence in their households.

Read the Full Executive Summary Report:

Newspaper Subscribers/Nonsubscribers response to preprints and other ads in terms of coupons and purchases” (PDF)


Full Report

Toward an Open Source ROI Model for Preprint Newspaper Advertising” (PDF)


PowerPoint Presentation

An Open Source ROI Model for Preprint Newspaper Advertising,” presented by Dr. Anastasia Kononova of Michigan State University on September 19, 2017 at News Media Alliance adXchange. (PDF)



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