Driving Digital Subscriptions

  • Kirsten Ballard
  • 01.08.2018

One of the brightest spots for the newspaper industry in 2017 has been the continued growth of digital subscriptions—both in terms of the numbers of people willing to pay for news content and the revenue they are bringing in for their publishers.

Despite a growing interest in news that’s been dubbed the “Trump Bump,” this recent success involves more than just current events. It’s a reflection of the increasingly compelling mix of content that publishers are making available, combined with a growing willingness on the part of consumers to pay. At the same time, we are seeing newspaper publishers becoming increasingly sophisticated at marketing digital subscriptions and understanding who is visiting their sites—many of whom have never before paid for a newspaper product, in print or online.  This report highlights the shifts in consumer preferences and strategies newspaper publishers are employing to take advantage of it.

Maintaining this momentum will be vital for newspapers as their business models continue to evolve. Publishers must continue to raise the level of marketing sophistication and improve the user experience across their digital products. The opportunity to increase the total size of the news audience while generating new revenue warrants attention, and our intent is that publishers will find the strategies detailed in this report actionable. (Most are scaleable to any size community.) Above all, publishers must continue to place a value on the content that is at the heart of their enterprise. As The Washington Post owner and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said at a conference this summer, “When you’re writing, be riveting, be right, and ask people to pay. They will pay.”

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  • Kirsten Ballard
Kirsten is the Social Media and Blog Editor at the News Media Alliance.