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  • Lindsey Loving
  • 10.05.2016

Newspaper Media: The Results Are Real

Newspaper digital content reaches millennial audiences where they prefer to get their news.

Newspaper digital content reaches more millennials (ages 25-34) than any other age group: 97% of males and 96% of females; and two-thirds of millennials consume newspaper digital content exclusively on a mobile device.

These new, customizable ads from the News Media Alliance showcase key research points from comScore that demonstrate the effectiveness of newspapers, including the effectiveness of newspaper digital media for reaching millennials.

Promote newspapers as a preferred digital news media source. Customize with your newspaper’s logo and run the full- or quarter-page ad in your print publications, and use the digital cube ad online.

We have provided the ads in EPS and PDF formats for print and a JPEG file for digital below.

If you have any questions about the Digital Effectiveness Ads, please contact News Media Alliance communications manager Lindsey Loving.

Source: comScore, August 2016


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Download full-page PDF

Download quarter-page PDF



Download full-page EPS

Download quarter-page EPS


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  • Lindsey Loving
Lindsey is the Communications Manager for the News Media Alliance. Prior to joining the Alliance, she led communications for a food and nutrition nonprofit in Washington, D.C. for over eight years.