2016 Big Game Ad for Newspapers

  • Lindsey Loving
  • 01.26.2016


On Sunday, February 7, the NFL will host its Big Game and the largest television audience of the year will tune in to CBS to watch.

That day, Americans will consume 325 million gallons of beer, 1.25 billion chicken wings and 8 million pounds of tortilla chips!

Every Sunday, 86 million read the newspaper. That makes it the best place for advertisers to showcase the best deals on all those foods and drinks.

Share why newspapers will score advertisers a touchdown on Super Sunday! Download and run the latest ad from the Newspaper Association of America, designed exclusively for members.

Below, we have posted PDF and EPS files of the color ad, in full- and quarter-page sizes. These ads can be customized to include your logo and/or local information.

If you have any questions, please contact Communications Manager, Lindsey Loving.

2016 Big Game Ad Resources:

*NOTE: Files are large and may take a few minutes to load*

Full-Page Big Game Ad PDF

Full-Page Big Game Ad EPS

Quarter-Page Big Game Ad PDF

Quarter-Page Big Game Ad EPS



Calorie Control Council and Snack Food Association (8 million pounds of tortilla chips)

National Chicken Council (1.25 billion chicken wings)

Nielsen Scarborough, 2015 (86 Million Read the Sunday Newspaper)

Stephens Institute of Technology (325 million gallons of beer)


  • Lindsey Loving
Lindsey is the Communications Manager for the News Media Alliance. Prior to joining the Alliance, she led communications for a food and nutrition nonprofit in Washington, D.C. for over eight years.