Webinars on Demand: Audience & Revenue Series

  • John Murray
  • 11.18.2016

This summer the Alliance hosted a series of webinars comprising five hours of successful strategies and tactics focused on building audience and revenue. The sessions included the why and how of attracting new audiences, retaining readers and increasing revenue.

These five webinars are also available to you for viewing at your convenience. You do not need to have registered for the original live webinar to view them on demand; you only need a valid member log-in.

The unedited, hour-long sessions include the best thinking and execution on strategies that further engage the current audience with a product built to deepen engagement and increase digital activation, logins and repeat visits for individual newspapers.

Topics Covered:

  • The important role of audience data for increasing content engagement across platforms.
  • Driving operational efficiencies in acquisition and retention efforts.
  • Identifying new revenue opportunities.
  • Engaging today’s print readers in the newspaper’s digital platforms.
  • Strategies delivering significant, measurable success in reducing subscriber churn
  • Using data to improve the news media company performance in digital and print platforms


Ways to watch:

  1. Brown-bag lunches: Gather your staff in a conference room and watch together
  2. Binge-watch: Block off a half-day, pop some popcorn and tee up two or three webinars in a row
  3. Watch on the go: Download and play the webinars from your laptop or tablet while on a long flight or metro ride, or while on the treadmill at the gym.


Access the Webinars

Each session is available with a single click and sign-in for Alliance members.

1. Revenue and Audience Builders: Ideas that Work!

At the mediaXchange 2016 Audience Development Symposium, we presented more than three dozen ideas to build audience and revenue. In this rapid fire session, the team covers the best ideas submitted by members from across the country.

All the programs were submitted by News Media Alliance members and selected by the program committee for this session. Get a little bit of everything from Revenue to Expense to Home Delivery, Digital Subscriptions and Single Copy and creative ideas to Build Audience and Engage Readers. Look for some of the most effective direct response programs that are essential for achieving the goals to build audience and revenue.


Rich Handloff, Director, Consumer Marketing, The Washington Post
Craig Holley, National Single Copy Sales Director, Gannett Co., Inc.
Heather Williams, Regional VP Audience Development, McClatchy
Introduction by: John Murray, VP, Audience Development, News Media Alliance

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2. Innovations in Audience Strategies that Reduce Subscriber Churn 

Subscribers are a precious commodity. From a cash flow perspective, keeping the customers you have is arguably a better investment than acquiring new subscribers.  Applying analytics to reduce subscriber churn can yield the greatest return on publishers’ investments in big data and analytics capabilities.

Mather Economics has been working with several publishers who are using data and analytics to improve retention. The News Media Alliance asked them to help identify newspapers that were among the best in class in optimizing acquisition dollars and retaining subscribers.

In this webinar, Matt Lindsay, President of Mather Economics, and the audience executives from Newsday and the Columbus Dispatch share strategies that are delivering significant, measurable success in reducing churn and improving the performance of news media companies in both digital and print platforms.  These are strategies that are dependent on data available at most newspapers, transferable to other markets and provide an ROI that can justify a greater investment in analytics.


Matt Lindsay, President, Mather Economics LLC
Patrick Tornabene, VP, Audience Development & Analytics, Newsday
Nikhil Hunshikatti, VP, Marketing, Columbus Dispatch
Introduction by: John Murray, VP, Audience Development, News Media Alliance

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3. Proven Strategies to Build Reader Engagement

Engaging today’s print readers in the newspaper’s digital platforms fundamental for building total audience. In addition to building a newspapers total digital audience, cross platform readers are more loyal than print subscribers.

This session features elements of the Cox Media Group’s successful tactics and strategies and Gannett’s rollout of its national membership approach.

“INSIDER PROGRAM” – As a media company, Gannett is quickly evolving from a traditional newspaper subscription business to a news membership-based model that interacts with customers in a more seamless way. Renee Clark will detail how this new Insider Program allows customers to have an ongoing and vital relationship with the USA TODAY NETWORK and in the process, builds reader engagement with the digital products.

Proven Ways to Drive Engagement from Email – Debbie Tolman will share how to most effectively use email as a tool to drive engagement, improve subscriber retention and communicate with readers. She provides her Top 10 Proven Ways to Drive Engagement from Email, as well as insights into the Cox Media Group’s successful larger strategy to build total audience.


Debbie Tolman, Senior Manager of Audience Engagement, Cox Media Group Newspapers
Renee Clark, VP, Membership Experience, Gannett Co., Inc.
Introduction by: John Murray, VP, Audience Development, News Media Alliance

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4. Leveraging Audience Data to Drive Engagement & Monetization

The adage of “revenue follows audience” has never been truer than today. In this session, we showcase best practices in using data analytics to optimize marketing investments to identify the highest value customers, as well as best practices in customer life-cycle management that increase subscriber retention.


Kerry Turner, Director, Audience Development, Hearst Media
Todd Peterson, VP, Circulation, Times Union
Introduction: Dan Williams, CEO/CTO, LEAP Media Solutions
Moderator: John Murray, VP, Audience Development, News Media Alliance

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5. Programs that Build Audience Across Platforms

Engaging readers is key to building audience and revenue. Success requires effective strategies and tactics in acquiring new high-value subscribers; engaging print subscribers with digital products; and effective communications through targeted newsletters, daily touches and social media. The combined impact builds deeper and frequent engagement.

In the final webinar of the series, we showcase best practices and the measurable results at several McClatchy newspapers. Speakers share their effective approach for planning and executing the digital sales campaigns for the South East Region of McClatchy, and insights behind the success in that market.


Renee Lopez-Cantera, Audience Growth & Initiatives Manager, Miami Herald Media Company
Francis Lopez, the Director of Market Research and Analytics, Miami Herald Media Company
Corrina Rose, Director of Audience Development-Home Delivery & Digital, McClatchy West Region

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  • John Murray
John Murray is the Vice President of Audience Development at News Media Alliance.