2015-16 Political Ad: Elections and Newspaper Media

  • Lindsey Loving
  • 09.14.2015

As the 2016 political campaigning season heats up, we are providing members with a new political ad to run in your publications. The ad contains new data from the 2015 Nielsen Scarborough Research, which found that consistent with previous years, those who always vote in local elections are more likely to read the daily newspaper, whether in print, online, or on a mobile device.

The ad is available for members only in full-page and ¼ page for broadsheet. Click on the links below to download the PDF and EPS files. The take-home message for local candidates running for office is to advertise in their local newspaper to connect with the loyal voting population. As this group of voters is also more likely to contribute to political organizations, according to Nielsen Scarborough, candidates that advertise in their local newspaper are achieving interaction with voters, as well as reaching a key funding source for their campaigns.

Please contact Lindsey Loving, Communications Manager, with any questions about the ads.

Download the ad in PDF and EPS formats (full and ¼-page):


Full-page 2016 Political Ad PDF

Full-page 2016 Political Ad EPS


Quarter-page 2016 Political Ad PDF

Quarter-page 2016 Political Ad EPS



  • Lindsey Loving
Lindsey is the Communications Manager for the News Media Alliance. Prior to joining the Alliance, she led communications for a food and nutrition nonprofit in Washington, D.C. for over eight years.