New Polling Shows Majority of Republican Voters Support the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act


Washington, D.C. – Released today, new polling from Echelon Insights, in partnership with the News Media Alliance, found that a majority of the 956 Republican voters surveyed support the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA), a bipartisan bill that would grant news publishers a limited, temporary safe harbor to negotiate better business terms with Big Tech platforms, including Facebook and Google.

Key data points include: 

  • 73% of Republican voters surveyed believe that local news outlets and conservative media need to be able to band together to better negotiate a fair deal with Big Tech.
  • Three out of four (75%) Republican voters surveyed believe that Big Tech should not be allowed to profit from news content unless it is fairly compensating news organizations for using that content.
  • 70% of Republican voters surveyed believe Facebook and Google take advantage of news publishers when they negotiate on a one-on-one basis and use their power to ignore small, local, and conservative news publishers, leaving them out of negotiations entirely.
  • More than two-thirds (67%) of Republican respondents agree that elected officials who oppose the JCPA are allowing Big Tech to have all the negotiating power instead of arming conservative and local media with the tools to fight back.

The results of this poll further cement what JCPA supporters in Congress have been saying: voters value their local news publishers and believe that it is now more important than ever to level the playing field between small, local and independent publications and Big Tech. Congress must pass the JCPA to protect quality, local journalism.

For more information on the JCPA, visit the Alliance’s Safe Harbor Resource Center at

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Lauren Edmonds

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